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2009-10-14 11:37:40 by Lemon-guy

Finally after about six months i finally have a laptop so i can start animating again. My next animation is hopefully going to be longer and generally better than my previous ones. I am also starting to draw so i migh t be able to do some "proper" animation *Shot by spriters*

Damn Laptop

2009-06-01 14:33:59 by Lemon-guy

Id love to make more animations but my laptop is broken and im haveing to
save up £250 to buy a new one.

As soon as I have got it il get right back to makeing animations

Creative Block

2009-04-16 08:47:46 by Lemon-guy

Ive lost interest in makeing animations at the moment.
My laptop is fucked and I cant reformat the hard drive because the disk drive is fucked.
Ive got lots of exams comeing up.
And I have just formed a band so dont expect much from me in the neer future.

Previous animations

2009-04-02 19:37:22 by Lemon-guy

Im starting to look at my old animations and improveing them for resubmition.

Chaos Control ep 3 is on its way, im bieing a bit lazy and preoccupied at the moment so it will probably sill be a while.

not much else going on.

oh and I hope you like my new profile picture :P

chaos control ep1

2009-02-07 16:30:04 by Lemon-guy

I have just submited my second animation.

This one has a plot and will continue to make many more unless everyone hates them.

please dont get blammed.

Next animation

2009-02-02 08:54:28 by Lemon-guy

My first animation didnt get blammed and actually got some quite good comments so im going to make a sequl with (dun dun dunnnnnnnnnn) a plot.

I have just submitted my first submission.

2008-08-07 17:34:18 by Lemon-guy

It is really just me practiceing my flash skills in epic battle format but hopefully it wont get blamed